Friday, June 7, 2013

Finding it Hard to Believe

He's standing on a chair in order to reach the gluten free instant oatmeal he bought just last week. His lunch is packed, along with a big bag of chips for the party they will have after the class talent show. And then, he will ride the bus home,for the last time. Graduation was last year, but it wasn't high school's end. This was the year of work study, of living half in the high school life and half in his grown up life. It's time now, time for Jared to stand out from under the umbrella of yellow school bus, classroom, and cafeteria. He's ready, I think. He carefully measures the water for his oatmeal and presses buttons for a minute of cooking time.  And I watch, not sure what to feel. He joins the water with the oatmeal and pours himself some grape juice. This young man,  once my smiling toothless baby boy is on the brink of his new life. THIS is the feeling of transition, I'm guessing.  The last year told me it was a changing time, but THIS is the real thing...he stirs his oatmeal and sits to eat. I've done nothing for him this morning.  And years ago, I thought I would have to do everything for him....he eats. The bus is coming soon.