Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Fairy Tale...

Once upon a time there was a queen who had a baby.  It was a joyous event heralded near and far, but in just a few short hours, this dream, this dream of a new baby boy was shattered.  All of the drs in the land came to the queen's bedside and told her that the prince, as he was her first born, was not perfect. He looked different they said, as the queen sat there, tears streaming. I might not want him then, thought the queen, as it would be very difficult to raise a not so perfect prince in the kingdom.  People would point; children might laugh, or even worse, run screaming from the young prince so they too wouldn't catch the syndrome thrust upon him.  In the wee hours of the morning, however, as the queen lay sobbing, a beautiful fairy flitted into her room holding a bundle, in which happened to be the prince. "He's hungry!" the fairy declared, placing that prince, that not so perfect prince, into his mother's arms. "No!" the queen protested, but it was to empty hospital walls she spoke, as the fairy had ever so quickly sped from the room.  The queen looked to the bundle in her arms, blue eyes locking onto same blue.  Yes, she decided, you are mine. 

      The prince grew, and while I would like to say the queen's fears    were unfounded, sadly, there was some meanness in the kingdom.  There was some fear as children ran away from the not so perfect one.  But as the years went on, the kingdom underwent a magical transformation.  The meanness turned to acceptance, and the fear to understanding. And it was a good life, but something was missing.  Until one day, the prince met a princess; some may call her a not so perfect princess, but to the prince, she was perfect in every way.

Each day, they spoke on the phone, telling each other secrets and laughing at each other's silly jokes until
finally, there came to be a ball, a celebration where all the people of the land would go, and where all the royal
subjects would see the not-so-perfect prince and his not-so-perfect princess.  Before the ball, there was a banquet, and they came from far and wide: aunts and uncles, fathers and mothers,  a grandmother and a grandfather with his camera, cousins and friends, sisters and brothers, waiters and waitresses, and even the palace chef. As the people of the kingdom watched, the not-so-perfect prince walked up to the not-so-perfect princess, and with tears in his eyes,  slid a bracelet of pink roses onto her outstretched arm.  The princess gazed up at him and, with shaking hands (as well as a little help from the queen) pinned two perfect roses to his lapel.  While all of this was going on, the two queen mothers locked eyes, but not for long, for they feared the
tears on their faces would flood the entire kingdom!  Theirs was a happy cry, different than the salty bitter tears of the past.  With each tear shed, now there was joy.  All too soon, it was time to go to the ball. The prince held out an arm, a most perfect resting place for the princess' delicate, rose and jewel encrusted hand. And out the door they went!  When they arrived at the ball, the other princes and princesses ran up to the not-so-perfect prince and his not-so-perfect princess declaring, "What beauty! How sweet!"  And as those other princes and princesses admired the young couple, the two queens and their two ladies in waiting, cried some more, laughter breaking through their tears.  As the two queens left the young couple to their ball and made their way happily out the door, they looked back one last time, and what they saw was indeed perfect: the prince and princess spinning to the music, beautiful and glowing and happy.

The Prince and Princess...
And they lived happily ever after... 


  1. That could not be a more perfect post Randi! They are perfect! And they are beautiful! I love the purple bling! Thank you so much for sharing...seriously, thank you! Yes, I'm crying...of course I am! You and Gabby's momma should be so proud! And they couldn't look more "normal" if they tried! That might not be a good thing though, who wants to be normal? The not-so-perfect prince and his not-so-perfect princess are the prettiest prom couple I've seen so far (and I've seen a bunch)!

  2. Randi, this reads like a manuscript for an amazing book. I know I'd buy it! I am thrilled that Cheri told me about the Blog. It's mesmerizing and beautiful.

  3. And they danced the night away! <3

  4. Randi what a magical evening. Sooooo many memories for both Gabby and Jared, and for that matter all of us. I agree with Wendy (rufa) that this could be a childrens book. Truly inspriational to parents that don't know what to expect after having a "not-so-perfect" child. Love the ladies in waiting. I don't know what the queens would do without them. It is truly amazing the kindness that is present in our world and so often over looked by the few rotten apples. The other princes and princesses were so sweet and it was a great reminder at the good that is out there in the world.
    They were adorable at track and so excited to see each other. They were talking about their night and could not help but smile and giggle with each other.
    Keep up the great blogs, you are truly a gifted writer.