Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Future Glimpse

Last night, as we sat around the dinner table, the boys were sharing memories of their best birthdays ever. As Jake shared Disney with Grandma and Grandpa, Bray the one where he got all his "beyblades", and Jared, the one where he went to dinner with two of his closest friends, I also found myself remembering a birthday; It was Jared's 15th, I think. The significant thing about that birthday was that I was NOT with Jared. I was at a Springsteen concert with my sister...a Springsteen concert. The reason it was so significant is because at some point during my crazy 40 -something year old version of "rocking out", I flashed back to the day Jared was born, his first birthday. On that day, I thought my fun and free-spirited part of life was over. I imagine a lot of moms, when they are given the news that their child has Down Syndrome, have that same overwhelming feeling of bleakness and fear. They can't imagine what they are doing the next day, let alone a few years down the road; I'm here to tell those moms that, yes, you will smile again; you will laugh again; and you will definitely dance again. Look at me! I did!

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  1. And you rocked it out, if I remember correctly...