Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Slice of the Pie

A Thank you Note

To Scott the Manager of  Great Northern Pizza here in town:
Thank you for opening your mind and your heart, for giving Jared his first job, with a schedule and a paycheck,  and for understanding that he needs to start slowly,  just one day a week and just an hour or two for now, but to look at Jared's face, you would think the world had been laid at his feet. I think it  has been. This is a milestone, another step toward independence. And when we go to your restaurant to fill out the forms, those "I have a new job" papers, Jared may not understand W2 or dependents (who ever does?), but he will know that he is valued and that some place needed him enough to pay him. I don't know if you understand how big this is, how important this step is for my son with Down Syndrome. I am aware that places exist in our world that are still wary of taking risks, of gambling with their business by creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, but you are not afraid, and for that, I am grateful. Scott, you and your business are modeling for our community what inclusion really means, not just paying lip service to the concept of acceptance, but really doing it.  Sometimes it is more difficult to find a fit for individuals who need extra help, who may not learn things as efficiently as those around them. Thank you for finding a place for our son.  Jared will work hard. You see, his spirit is filled when he is needed; his confidence will soar when he is accepted as an employee, as one of the crew,  not just as a young man with Down Syndrome. And sometimes when he falters or stumbles, I will be there, hiding out in the mall behind your restaurant, reading my book, half waiting for a call from you, but also hoping it doesn't come.


  1. Good morning Randi, just found your blog this morning and cold no think of a better way to start my week. I have had the chance to meet Jared a few times and I must say you have an outstanding young man. He is kind and thoughtful and just a pleasure to be with. I photographed Jared and Maggy for the Gala and was just so impacted with how beautiful their feelings for each other are. I went home and told my husband that if more people let those they loved really now it the way Jared and Maggy do we would live in a very different world. I was reminded again I have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing. xo

  2. Thankful that there are "real" people out there in the business world, not just owners and presidents worried about the bottom line and nothing else. As always, Randi, well written.

  3. It is a absolute pleasure having Jared around. My staff looks forward to the days he comes in. He makes us forget about the stress or pressure of everyday life, watching him sing and dance while working. I wish we all could be as happy as Jared. We love you Jared, and thank you for being a part of our lives. "Your 13 garlic wings will be done by 1:30"!!! Scott

  4. If Lisa or I are ever near Great Northern Pizza we'll stop in for a slice!