Saturday, July 7, 2012

Now what?

I just noticed the wallpaper on this blog. It features a road going off into the distance. I never thought about it, but it's a symbol, really, of this path that Jared is on. It feels a bit like limbo, where he is right now. He has graduated from high school, and with that comes the promise of independence and new journeys. But given the fact that Jared has one more year at high school, labeled by someone at some point as a " super senior" year, He's not quite finished with this part. I am adamant that next year does not look like last year. Jared HAS graduated. So, his days next year, will consist of few academic classes and mostly work study. A search, I guess, one that will result in a future for my son. I'm a bit scared. This is a strange time,an ending time, but not quite. A beginning time, but not quite. I invite you all to come with Jared and me now. Perhaps you might offer some ideas, some answers,some understanding for this next step on that long road. Right now, as I write, Jared is entertaining his little brother at the YMCA. They play basketball; then Jared buys his brother a snack,and they sit and chat, a grown-up thing really.

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